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About The Company
Sheetal Tools
is not a new name in the world of Lubricating Equipments. The company was
established in 1995 with a aim to serve the industry with its world class quality products. The company is manufacturing all types of Lubricating equipments and Spanners in different models and sizes in competitive prices with durability and in easy to use designs. The company is manufacturing all its lubricating equipments under its popular brand name 'Compact' and is not only serving the domestic markets but also exporting to various advanced countries.

About Promoters
The company is run by
Mr.Gurdit Singh Lyall who is having a complete understanding of buyer's requirements with a long experience in the lubricating equipment's industry and knows very well that only the quality and durability matters but also that the products should be designed in such a way so that the end user can use the same conveniently. This is because of his understanding of the products deeply that today the 'Compact' has become synonymous to quality.

Infrastructure and Quality Assurance
The company is having all facilities from modernized machinery to the skilled workforce to manufacture all its products under one roof. The company has expert technicians who monitor the quality at all stages and not only the production stage is checked but also all the operations from purchase of the raw material to the final delivery in thoroughly checked to meet the world class standardized. Also
Mr.Gurdit Singh Lyall himself take care personally that the desired quality standards are followed to meet the buyer's requirements. the develops standardized products at par with recognized standards for the same.

Attractive Packaging and Timely Delivery
The company is offering all its products in attractive packing. However the buyer may opt for with or without packing as per requirements. the company also promises timely delivery of all orders and knows the value of timely delivery.

Presently the company is exporting its products to various countries like
U.K., Germany, France, Italy, USA, South Africa and South America. The company welcomes all types of enquiries for its products range and as well as buyer's requirements and specifications.


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